Premium Natural Stones and Stoneware

The SSG Group is a consortium of renowned natural stone companies. This means concentrated know-how, competent consulting from the beginning and a high-quality selection of natural stones and premium stoneware in natural stone design for many various uses; from floor slabs to wall coverings, from kitchen counter tops to window sills, from vanities to shower trays, and from facades to stonemasonry.

SOLNHOFENER Natural Stone: The most legendary limestone in the world.  This natural stone legend stands out with its fascinating aesthetics, consequent ecology and excellent litho quality.

MAXBERG® Jura Limestone: This classic among the German natural stones is in higher demand than ever before due to its yellow-beige and grey-blue color varieties, its prehistoric inclusions and exceptional durability.

SSG SELECTION Natural Stones: Selected natural stone rarities from the entire world. Proofed by SSG according to strict quality criteria and constantly monitored. Therefore, these natural stones meet the highest standards.

SOLKER® Ceramic: Superior stoneware in Solnhofener Natural Stone fascinating exclusive design. Inspired by nature; Extremely durable and economical; Exceptionally large sizes are possible; Suited for both indoors and outdoors.