Solnhofen Stone Group

The premium brand for natural stone and stoneware

The SSG Group is a coalition of renowned natural stone companies in the Altmuehltal Nature Park. This means concentrated know-how, competent Consulting from the beginning and a high-quality selection of natural stones and elegant stoneware in natural stone design for many different uses: from flooring to wall coverings, from kitchen counters to windowsills, from sinks to shower trays, and from facades to stonemasonry.

Almost any natural stone idea is possible with over 150 years experience, their own quarries and modern technical know-how. The SSG’s specialty is complex projects with high-tech demands.

Regardless whether in Berlin, London or Dubai – the SOLNHOFEN STONE GROUP is active worldwide. In the mining areas of the Bavarian Altmuehltal region, they have over four highly modern production factories and a multitude of their own quarries, which fulfill the highest environmental standards with regard to the sustainable handling of natural raw materials.

As co-initiator of the environmental pact, they are also committed to mining in tune with the conservation of nature and wildlife protection in the region.