Lithostones are still in demand.

A type of stone, which once revolutionized the world of images.

Solnhofener Natural Stone became world famous overnight in 1798 with the discovery of lithography. An invention from Alois Senefelder, who revolutionized the world of image communication, the same way the invention of the printing press once spread the distribution of texts. Today, this legendary stone is not only sought after by artists, but also worldwide as exclusive natural flooring.

Every printing process requires a printing plate, or a medium with which the content should be printed. For stone printing, a lithography stone is used. Solnhofener Natural Stone, an extremely hard lithographic limestone, is considered the best material for lithographic printing plates worldwide. Also, even if the time of lithography as a mass printing process has long past, a technique, which enabled the integration of an image print in a text at a reasonable cost for the first time, this printing technique is still in high demand among artists. All lithography stones, which are used worldwide today, are from the Solnhofen Stone Group, the market leader among the Solnhofener plates for architecture and construction.